Friday, February 18, 2011

Release the Hounds! #ProgressIs #OldPhone

For Super Bowl XLV this year Audi had the first ever SuperBowl ad with a Hashtag #ProgressIs. They ended up using Klout to reach out to Twitter user to crowd source what #ProgressIs

Audi Big Game Commercial 2011 - Release the Hounds

Audi most likely had Thousands of tweets and they picked ten Tweople for us to vote on who had the best tweet! Michele's tweet made the cut:

When a good idea becomes a building block for a better one. That's what #ProgressIs -

Michele @ghostexecutive opening Audi gifts for #progressis #oldphone

Please give a tweet! Like the above video on Facebook and YouTube. Michele is currently in 4th place. So please visit Michele's twitpic profile and leave comments with the Hashtags #ProgressIs #OldPhone. Join her fan page, $25,000 for Charity "#ProgressIs" Race To Win. We've got until 11:59 EST tonight to help her win. So Release the Hounds!

Michele viewing what #progressis & #oldphone at Edison Museum

Michele showing a REALLY #oldphone seeing #progressis at Edison Museum

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Michele Lorito-Chase said...

This is great, Dean! Thank you so much for writing this article on #ProgressIs and #oldphone!

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