Thursday, October 07, 2010

Kevin Rose and Digg Can Listen (if you tweet enough)

Yesterday Digg users started seeing BP ads on Digg and I noticed a post about it over on OldDogg. Today Victor Barrera tweeted, "I wonder how much money @Digg is making off of BP? #shameless" I RTed (retweeted for those of you not on twitter) that and I replied @vtbarrera It just goes to show you just how heartless @kevinrose is. Use @Old_Dogg_ instead. #BP #Digg #Shameless. Thanks to clickfire and amabaie for the big Retweets.

Kevin Rose quickly replied "@TheDudeDean this is the first i've seen this, working w/the ad sales team now...." and @vtbarrera replied @TheDudeDean I'm glad to see @KevinRose looking into this. I know @Digg needs to profit, but this doesn't help them from a PR stance. 38 minutes later Digg Tweeted: "We monitor negative feedback on Digg Ads and the BP Digg Ad is being removed as it has crossed the acceptable threshold."

Digg's problems might be a whole lot worse than they seem, if no one in their ad sales team has the common sense to not take BP's blood money, I wonder who over there does have common sense at Digg. I'm still wondering who allowed Reddit to have a publisher account anyways. I think common sense isn't as common as it should be.

While Kevin Rose was briefly listening to me I gave him some more advice: @kevinrose Hey Kevin, would Phil Jackson have Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant sit on the bench on 4th Q when the games on the line? Kevin replied, "@TheDudeDean Depends, is Kobe injured? and is Jordan retired?" I replied, "@kevinrose You don't get it, you've got your all-stars sitting on the bench waiting to play. @kevinrose For example, everything I subbed on my last three months got at least 150-200 diggs, Yet Tony Hawk can't manage to get 50."

Kevin Rose and Digg can listen, if you tweet enough. I wonder how many tweets it will take for them to fix all of Digg V4's woes. I wonder how much common sense needs to be drilled into their heads to make them remember that Digg is a social media platform and get them to fix all the things they screwed up with Digg V4. But at least now, those pesky BP ads on Digg are gone thanks to a few Digg Users that cared. None of whom were Tony Hawk or Leo Laporte and two of them are currently banned.

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