Sunday, February 18, 2007

George Bush No Longer a Miserable Failure

At least thats what Google not says. Google removed the link to the white house page of GW Bush recently as the number one hit for the search "Miserable Failure" They have also undone a few other Google bombs such as the one that was making the site for the movie "Super Size Me" win for the term "McDonald's" This looks like a crack down on Google bombing in general.

Also the White House has changed the URL for the target link from:
The old link redirects here:

I used to think that the people at Google have a sense of humor. This change seems to have a human hand to it. It was good while it lasted. However they still keep the term "leave" results as Most porno sites link their "Leave" button on their splash page to So it looks like they don't have this feature fully fleshed out just yet.

In case you don't know what all this Google bombing stuff is about, I have it explained here

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