Monday, February 19, 2007

Content Management System

I am part of a cutting-edge graphic design firm located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I help businesses throughout South Florida create innovative, eye-catching Websites with Content Management Systems. A Content Management System (CMS) makes it a breeze to update your web site's content. With an open source Content Management System Adding web pages is a breeze.

We don't just install a Content Management System and call it a day. We make the Content Management System look like your own personal website and not just another template site. We also make sure that the Content Management System is Search Engine Optimized, with the meta tags in the right place and SEF URLS. We design a custom look for your site and make sure that the CMS doesn't look default.

We also train you to use your Content Management System, so you can login and make your own content. We maintain your Content Management System after we design your website, and will do software updates as needed. Why would you want a five page site without a Content Management System? I have met with clients that spent $5000 on a basic seven page site that wasn't search engine optimized and it did NOT have a Content Management System.

Here's just a few things that you get from a Content Management System

* You can add your own images to your website without a webmaster
* You can make unlimited updates to your website without the need for a webmaster
* You can add unlimited pages to your websites anytime you want without a webmaster
* You can add all the links you want without a webmaster
* You can add music with a simple add-on
* You can add streaming video with a simple add-on
* You can gather email addresses from your customers
* You can have email enabled contact forms on your sites
* Manage Banners and Ads easily
* Have a completely searchable website
* You can conduct polls
* Detailed Page and Hit statistics
* and much much more!

Become your own Web Master today!

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