Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mystery Meat Navigation

Mystery Meat Navigation (MMN) is something that is one of my major pet peeves. I run into at least one new site a day that has Mystery Meat Navigation. Lets take a look at a really bad old site that has Mystery Meat Navigation and once you see how bad this method can be. You will be more wary of using Mystery Meat Navigation in your next web design.


Look at the left Menu on this site. What do you see? Mystery Meat Navigation!! Now quickly! What do this icons do? Do they help you find useful information on the site? Or do they confuse you? Now if you were able to tell those links are: Irie 'Tings, World a'Reggae News, New Releases, CD Reviews, Crucial Cuts, Photo Album, Fan Mail, About Us, Advertise; without looking at the source code. Thats great. Granted the old designer put alt tags in his Mystery Meat Navigation, but they aren't working in Firefox. Avoid doing your next cool menu with Mystery Meat Navigation if you can.

Mystery Meat Navigation


fugitive247 said...

Site comes up 404. Hopefully this means their MMN situation is being resolved.

(Dang, Dean- You *are* one prolific Dude! STATION.)

The Dude Dean said...

Yeah that client went cheap and I think she is paying for it now.

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