Sunday, June 10, 2007

Search Engine Friendly Web Design

A search engine friendly design can greatly decrease other search engine marketing and advertising costs. Search engine friendly web design is often an after thought when someone has the idea for a flash web site. People rarely start out thinking about search engine friendly web design in the early stages of their web development. Search engine friendly Web design, Good content and usability should the corner stones of your web site. Flash should be an afterthought or used in small doses.

What is search engine friendly web design? Your web site should have: Search Engine Friendly URLs (SEF URLS), Search Engine Friendly Menus (SEF Menus), dynamic titles, and dynamic headers. Never use Flash or JS scripts in your web site's menus if you want your web site spidered by any of the search engines. A menu that looks just as good if not better than flash can be done with CSS, XHTML or DHTML. A lot of web sites have the same header on every page, a bad header or a non matching header.

If your site is brand new, it will take three to six months to get listed on the major search engines. Have us use our Search Engine Friendly Web design methods to help your web site have a strong foundation so you can get into the search engines. Search engine friendly web design should never be an after thought.

Search Engine Friendly Web Design

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